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This sea shell was delicately wrapped with copper wire, and silver colored copper wire. Also comes in prism so you'll have to pick an option.


It was crafted by a local MN artist and could be attached to a necklace, suitcase, backpack or anything creative (as long as its reasonable) you can think of.



Code Blue: This item should not be in the reach of children. It is a choking hazard.


If the item is attached to a necklace made of hemp or any other material it can be an entanglement hazard as well. Also, with any kind of jewelry you'll want to watch out for airbags. You should not wear the item while sleeping, sporting, etc.


To purchase you must accept the risks and liability associated with the use of and/or storage of the item however serious they may be. You are also accepting the risks and liability of transferring or sharing the item to or with other people or life forms however serious those risks and liabilities may be.

  • copper wire:
  • crafted by local MN artist:
  • Not Tested On Animals:
  • original:
  • pendant:
  • sea shell:
  • Manufacturer: Local MN, USA Artist

Copper & Silver wrapped Sea Shell or Prism by Local MN Artist

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