Hemp Crochet Small Purse Red small crochet hemp purses made in China shoulder strap single zippered compartment smaller, cuter, cheaper purse China zipper olive drab Red crochet cute small purse child my first
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 These little purses sure are cute! And the texture is pretty nice so think keys, chapstick, etc. If you're looking for a lighter purse you've arrived at the right place! Just bring the essentials and save on your back. They feature an over the shoulder strap and a single zippered compartment. The lining may be hemp or cotton, not sure but the crochet is hemp. made in China, ages 3 & up.


Code Green:please supervise any children around this item.

  • Attractive colors:
  • Back Saving:
  • hemp:
  • Manufacturer: Greenbrier International

Hemp Crochet Purse

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