Hemp HoodLamb mini dog coat great coat for a mini size dog faux fur utility pocket stash pocket 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton urban winter camo style
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HoodLamb mini dog coat is a designer coat specifically designed to keep a small dog warm. HoodLamb never uses real fur though, so no need to worry; it's got buttons, a small utility pocket, and an inside stash pocket!

Outside: 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton. Lining: 20% Hemp, 35% Recycled Plastic, 45% Acrylic

Plus it's really cute and you get to show off your support for hemp and sustainable practices on your cute little dog! If you look closely theres a little cannabis leaf / snowflake real subtle in the camo design;D
  • 55% Hemp 45%Organic Cotton:
  • Cool International Heritage:
  • Fits a Small/Mini Dog:
  • hemp:
  • Lining Made w/ Recycled Plastic:
  • Never Real Fur:
  • Paper Pocket:
  • Who doesn't love mini dog coats?:

Hemp HoodLamb Mini Dog Coat

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