Hemp HoodLamb shorts 55% hemp organic cotton discreet pockets. Amsterdam Barcelona Paris London
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 This stylish Hemp HoodLamb item is made from a unique blend of Eco-Friendly natural fibers and hemp. With a stylish logo, we have these available in 2 & 3X so you can rock out in style! 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton. Deep pockets front and back with discreet zippered compartment. They're even stylish on the inside! Dont ask me why. Apparently there's a natural mystic flowing through the hemp in these shorts. Hidey paper pocket at the bottom of the leg. Made in China

Hemp HoodLamb is a purveyor of fine hemp garments for the connoisseur for sure! Based out of Amsterdam, they produce some of the most stylish, functional hemp apparel that I've seen. They even make a little dog coat:) Available on our sister site DracosHempEmporium.mobi

  • 55% Hemp 45%Organic Cotton:
  • black:
  • Cool International Heritage:
  • discreet zipper:
  • Extra Large:
  • natural:
  • Paper Pocket:
  • Manufacturer: Hemp HoodLamb

Hemp HoodLamb Shorts

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