Hempys Off-Shore Board Shorts 55% hemp 45% cotton muslin blend
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      These swim shorts are made using a 55% hemp 45% cotton muslin blend. Like all Hempys gear, they are made in the USA. They come in olive and brown w/ really cool tribal design! They feature large side pockets with gromets and double velcro closure, as well as contrast stitching, full velcro fly, and front drawstring. I cant wait to try these out this summer! Clothes hangers weren't the best choice for taking pictures but the shorts look great on people! 


Code Green: This item is relatively safe but please supervise any children around drawstrings / water etc.

  • 55% hemp 45% organic cotton muslin blend:
  • double velcro closure:
  • gromets:
  • off-shore swim shorts:
  • Manufacturer: Hempys

Hempys Off-Shore Board Shorts

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