unisex T-shirt t-shirt tshirt shirt wake up and live in the infinite NOW now be the change Extra Large XL ring spun cotton recycled polyester honduras Soul Flower pre-shrunk pre shrunk
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 This Pre-shrunk Extra Large t-shirt from Soul Flower features the phrase "Wake up and Live"  


The shirt is 50% ring-spun cotton and 50% recycled polyester.  Made in Honduras


Code Green: This item is relatively safe but please supervise any children around it.

  • 50% recycled polyester:
  • 50% ring-spun cotton:
  • Blue:
  • Extra Large:
  • inspirational:
  • pre-shrunk:
  • Soul Flower:
  • t-shirt:
  • Manufacturer: Soul Flower

Wake Up and Live Soul Flower shirt

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